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Le Danse is a contemporary studio for professional dance instruction. A unique place where fresh and creative dance concepts originate. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, yet disciplined and structured.

The studio is creatively designed with two spacious dancerooms fully equipped with wooden practice barres, floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirrors, excellent sound systems, professional lighting and flooring. The front lobby and student dressing area are decorated in a modern style. The entire studio is equipped with central heating and air conditioning along with a spacious parking area.

The aim of the directors of Le Danse, Diane Raimo & Patty De Dio, is to share their expertise and love for dance in a professional atmosphere. Dance is constantly evolving and Diane & Patty continue to strive to keep up with the latest techniques of dance in its fullest art form. Their creative approach to teaching offers the finest education possible.




Our early childhood curriculum is designed to provide a nurturing, non-competitive environment in which children 3-4 years of age are introduced to a variety of dance basics. Emphasis is placed on exploring their creativity, discovering their interests and developing dance skills. Children have the opportunity to discover their own talents and learning styles through our process oriented programs. A unique one-year program created for toddlers age 3-4 enabling the child to develop self-awareness and discover dance in a playful atmosphere. This one-hour class incorporates basic ballet, tap and jazz fundamentals with music and games, including creative preschool materials necessary for the course.

A program designed for ages 5-7 consisting of a combination of ballet, tap and jazz incorporating performance ability through song and dance. The class incorporates structured tap and ballet barres, basic concepts of jazz, center work and across the floor.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. A lyric display of movement which originated in the 17th century. Students will expand their knowledge of ballet vocabulary, concentrating on correct use of torso, legs and feet. Body alignment and turnout become more important with each level; as pirouettes and jumps are an integral part of the curriculum. Once students are at an advanced level of ballet, with the ideal body alignment & turnout, the next progression of learning is pointe class.

Lyrical dance is a personal interpretation put to music, often an extension of ballet. A strong sense of body alignment is necessary; as many movements are taken off center as students progress in difficulty.

Jazz dance is perhaps the soul of American movement. A highly-stylized, highly-personalized dance form using the entire body to reflect individualistic expression. Jazz dance styles come into being, mature and change, as does the music that influences it. Each class will consist of center warm-ups, isolation, floor exercises and progressions across the floor, concluding with a dance combination.

Tap originated through the Irish and African-American cultures. A method of rhythm and syncopation executed with the feet. Some styles include Buck & Wing, Softshoe, Waltz Clog, Broadway, Step Dancing, Clogging, Musical Comedy and Rhythm Tap. This is a high-energy class with an emphasis on musicality, syncopations, shading & precision.

Specialty courses are offered throughout the year and geared specifically for the adult such as tap, jazz and ballet/lyrical.

A one hour class consisting of only hip hop dance isolations and combinations. Hip hop is the style of music videos, also known as street or funk style. High energy moves combined with high energy music make this class unique.

This one-hour class is strictly geared on theatre and acting exercises making the student aware of character detail, speech inflection and preparing the student for roles in comedy or acting. This class will be scheduled as a workshop.

These classes are held weekly and consist solely of jazz, lyrical, ballet or tap technique. Guest teachers along with our studio staff will be teaching. Only technique will be taught in order to improve and strengthen each individual student. Examples of some classes will be: Stretch Class, Turn, Leap & Jump Class, Rhythm Tap, etc.

The studio's competition team members are chosen each year by the directors & staff of Le Danse to participate in a competition audition. Competition classes focus on learning & perfecting a challenging piece of choreography in addition to strengthening technique. Competition classes are structured differently than regularly scheduled classes. All competition students MUST study ballet, tap, jazz and technique classes. In order to develop competition dancers to their maximum potential, on a once a week basis, it is essential that they be well rounded in all subjects. A competition handbook is given out to all competition team members.


These classes were originated by Le Danse 33 years ago & have been a tradition ever since. Special choreography specifically designed for either fathers & their daughters or mothers & their daughters are enjoyed by all each and every year. What better way to create memories that will last a lifetime!

These courses are offered sporadically throughout the year, many times as a workshop and usually taught by master teachers:

Voice Classes
Musical Comedy Workshop
Yoga & Pilates
Wedding/Bridal Party Choreography


First and foremost, our goal is to stress the joy of dance with a technical proficiency as an ultimate goal.

Our curriculum is based in classical ballet technique, as it is the basis for all other dance forms.

Placement in classes is consistent with both age and ability levels. A dancer that has studied ballet for 4-5 years and decides to study another subject is going to be much more accomplished than a dancer of the same age who is beginning dance for the first time. Dance training in any form is an advantage and we want to insure a positive experience for everyone, including true beginners.

Dance is a process. By accepting this process, the student will experience an enrichment that they will carry throughout their life.

Le Danse is always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you are interested in a course that is not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Having placed your child in the school of your choice, please do all you can to encourage him or her by taking an active role and interest in his or her work. Be sure to attend all visitation days at the studio so that your child can look forward to your approval of his or her progress. However, do observe the good conduct rules for parents by doing nothing to distract the child’s attention from the teacher.

The directors of Le Danse wish to extend to you a personal welcome in joining our studio. To maintain the professionalism you have come to realize, we would like to make you comfortable in knowing that we are open to your questions and requests throughout the year. We believe in keeping the lines of communication open and respectfully encourage and request any and all ideas, problems and suggestions be directed to the directors. During the average day, the front lobby is usually busy and the directors also teach classes. If you need to speak with the directors for any reason, please try to arrange a time that is convenient for both the directors and yourself. In the past, we have always received a positive and cooperative feeling in the studio and our goal is for this type of atmosphere to continue.


Students may register for the school year from August through January. A registration fee is required at the time of registration. There are NO REFUNDS for registration fees due to the amount of printed material and time and cost involved in processing each student.

Tuition may be paid by one of the following payment methods and must be received at the studio on the first of every month:

Monthly Payment – Payments are due on the 1st of every month from September through June. Monthly payments are the same amount each month; they DO NOT follow the calendar month, nor the starting date of each student.

Annual Payment – Payments may be made in three installments as follows:

First Installment – due on registration or the first class of the year
Second Installment – due exactly on November 1st
Third Installment – due exactly on March 1st

Payments may be made by cash or personal check. Any payments that do not meet these specific deadlines will require a late charge. This policy is strictly enforced for all tuition schedules, as with any other payment deadlines throughout the year for other activities, such as costumes, accessories, etc. There will be a fee of $ 25.00 for any returned items from the bank.


Private classes are available upon request and must be scheduled with the directors. Private classes must be canceled 24 hours prior to the scheduled time slot; otherwise you will be responsible for the tuition fee.

Tuitions will vary depending on the length of the class and the amount of weeks scheduled. Each master class or special program is separate and information regarding rates, payment due dates and times will be posted accordingly.


580 Valley Road, Wayne N.J 07470. Tel.(973)305-8401